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Certified Organic Farm & Conservation Sanctuary

Welcome to Tauroa Farm Trust.

We're working hard for a sustainable future.



Tauroa Station is set in the picturesque Tuki Tuki, 11 kilometres from Havelock North, New Zealand with views looking upon the iconic Te Mata Peak and the Tuki Tuki river valley.


The 272 hectare station is home to an abundance of bird life, fresh water, tree planting and extensive future native planting. The landscape features rolling hills, limestone outcrops and productive organic farm land to animals, vegetables and flower gardens.


Significant wildlife restoration project

New Zealand is home to a large number of unique plants and animals found nowhere else on earth, that's why we need to protect it now before it's too late!

Our mission is to create a pest-free environment where nature can thrive.  We are doing this by our pest eradication project, keeping waterways clean by riparian planting and native forest restoration. 


Clean Wetlands

Did you know that New Zealand is home to more than 50 native species of fish. Here on Tauroa Station, we are committed to protecting the local fish, and their homes. 

Native Planting

The native flora of New Zealand is unique as it evolved in isolation for millions of years, giving home to special bird life. Tauroa Station is committed to planting more and more native forestry and plants every year to protect this.


Trees Planted


Our Farm

Below the sleeping giant, our 680-acre organic farm offers sustainable agricultural best practices. Since 1997, we have implemented Biodynamic/organic agriculture as we plant trees, reserve fragile land and waterways, increase biodiversity and raise the healthiest of livestock.


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